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Cooked oatmeal, yogurt, and other soft foods are also great. Ellen page tits. This line is nothing fancy and the pricing reflects that! Can ship via airlines if needed. The easiest way to get healthy stock is to consult your local ratteries and breeders who dedicate their time and energy to creating healthy lines in the first place.

We specialize in American, sky, and powder blue, Russian blue, silver and dove. Naked rats for sale. Be wary of those who bad-mouth others. Dumbo and standard eared. If you are looking for a speedy response, texting is the best way to go. But 2 weeks after I bought her she had a litter of 15 didn't know she was pregnant an the pet store didn't tell me. Because of this common ancestry, breeding furless can also result in breeding rexes without really aiming to.

She was a wonderful little creature. Japan milf pics. First their eyes filled up with debris and it all had to be carefully removed and flushed under anesthetic. American Hairless Terrier-Stewer is looking for his We call him Blooper the pooper. Otherwise, the new comer may not know the ropes properly as to when to breed, how to, etc. Double rexes bred for a few generations will eventually produce hairless.

Baby rats at least 6 weeks old handled rats any questions feel free to message me spokane, Washington. If she had gotten an infection she would need antibitoics afterwards. Rats don't have fusing hips, that's just guinea pigs and it's 7 months for them. HudsonNH www. They are social and are best kept in same-sex pairs. Dumbo and top ears, velveteen, double velveteen, rex, double rex, and standard.

Aussie hairless have all the wonderful qualities of my Aussies, but without the fur. Your next repeat delivery ships. If you have any other questions or comments, feel free to contact us. Jordan carver sexy tits. I know their mother, Wrinkles - she belongs to a friend of mine. This list states the colors and type I am currently breeding for in my hamster breeding program. Feeding them cockroaches is like giving cookies to kids with a hard-core sweet tooth.

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Also request to know their cause of death and age when they die. Call to request a price match. Lesbian psychotherapist porn. Since hairless rats have no fur, they must work harder to regulate their body temperature as we have just mentioned. They are known to bond with their pet parent with time and daily engagement.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I highly suggest that you at least master breeding furred varieties before you try furless. We are strictly a pet breeder and do not breed for food. Aussie True Hairless line: Now I can't bestow all my knowledge on others but I can give them a little bit and what they learn along the way could make them great future breeders. Naked rats for sale. The place I got them from obviously had a breeder that was just looking to make a quick buck off of stupid parents who think, "Oh, it's like a hamster.

Hairless rats already have more than their share of health problems. Alma moreno nude pics. Finley Missouri Pets and Animals. This fascinating, very new gene discovered in by a rattery in North Carolina is a dominant trait that effects not only the hair color, but also the hair texture.

They have a nice stream-line structure and elegant features. Mission Viejo CA This coloration shows best on agouti and black rats. I specialize in beautiful, huge eared, Dumbo only now.

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Rats, Mice, and just about all other rodents, depending on resources. Tool Tip Repeat Delivery. Their father is a white Unlike the common misconception, rats are incredibly clean and docile animals. I had to put drops in her eyes every day once this started.

I foolishly sold some rats from this line a long while ago thinking they were ready for pet placement. Your attitude is "ugly and gross! A date after the listing is the date the breeder was added to this list. About 4 feet long. Naked african goddess. Also, Dumbo ears and dwarf rats available.

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